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A tool to make your dreams & projects come true

Why Because life is fascinating. Because everything is possible. Because objectives are illusions. Because happiness can't be deferred.

Who For those who crave adventure. Those who want to claim their power. Those who want to shine through the fog.

How By finding what you want. What lights you up. What gives you wings. What fills you with audacity and courage.

Imagine will support you in creating the projects and ideas you are dreaming of, providing tools to clarify your vision, trigger initiatives, and track synchronicities.

During 8 weeks, you will be guided in a conversation with yourself focusing on what you have achieved so far, digging to find the dreams you forgot, the ones you try to forget, and the ones you hope will come true.

The content, prompts and rhythm of the project are designed to assist you in dreaming in unlimited ways, to help you clarify what you want, and identify the essence behind the experiences you crave for.

Following the creation of your vision board, our tools will assist you in taking new, empowering actions, while measuring the impact of the project in your daily life. Our tracking tool will allow you to observe the relationship that exist between the initiatives you take, and the synchronicities that appear on your path, showing you the way to go.

It is our hope that the project will stimulate your creativity, amplify clarity, bring up new perspectives on what you want and what is needed to create movement in your life.

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Registration price is $79 CAD (59Euros/$75US/48GBP) , payment via Paypal and credit card.

When: The next session of Imagine starts October 13th 2014. Places are limited to 25 participants, be sure to sign up early.

Creating your online vision board: The first 4 weeks of the project will lead you in creating a vision board of the people you admire, your inspirations, a collection of images, places and projects you are dreaming of.

Twice a week, you will be presented short prompts to help you clarify your vision, dig deep to find the dreams that you gave up, the ones you forgot, and the dreams you believe are out of your reach.

Imagine Lab/Tracking synchronicities: The Lab is there for you to play around, experiment in asking the universe for what you want, and being open to what happens when you do so with intent and clarity.

Our tracking tool will allow you to observe the relationship that exist between the initiatives you take (your actions), and the synchronicities that follow (pointing signs from the universe), showing you the way to go.

Where: All the material for the class will be published online, in a private webspace. An internet access and email address are needed.

Community and pace: You will be free to share your experiences within the class's private Facebook group, or to do the project in private, at your own pace, over the 6 months following the start of the class.

"Part notepad, diary, moodboard, calendar and timeline, Imagine allows us to group our ideas, projects, inspiration and aspirations in one place. Well structured and playful, the proposed pace and tools help us create or improve our creative life plan. The monthly video group conferences are great for people to exchange and build a community feeling. For everyone in a transition phase, i would highly recommend!" - Sophie

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"The time spent on Imagine is dedicated to moving forward and reflecting, not on reading someone else's advices. What i learn within the class stays constantly on my back burner - i can see my dreams getting clearer, slowly taking shape. I love this formula!"- Marianne

"I can already feel the benefits of the project, and we are just at the third week! I'm a queen at procrastinating, but Imagine helps me in taking small steps, right now, today. A clearer idea of what i want, and what i can do, is taking shape."- Marie-Loic

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"A tool that triggers my imagination and curiosity, without neglecting my rational mind - and the results are showing up! Helpful in bringing clarity and purpose, a great tool to keep at hand!"- Stefan

"Rich, clarity driven and highly motivating!"- Sarah


Imagine is a project by Marie-Chantale Turgeon and Christian Car.
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